Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enter the Sandman

Let's start the new year off with some fun and games, and what better place to start than the bedroom.  Here are the rules: Each player will need one partner, you may set up your bed however you like before you get into the bed. Now let the fun and challenge begin- the player gets into bed and lies on their back and remains there without moving arms or legs. You can not turn over, scrach an itch, get a drink of water, turn or fluff your pillow or even get up to use the restroom; this is where your partner comes in. If  you get uncomfortable and need to move, simply and politely wake up your partner and ask them to help you move. Repeat as often as necessary throughout the night.

It should be fairly obvious that is how a PALs must sleep every night and also give you an idea of what our partners and spouses go through every night. The statistics vary  widely but say that an adult turns or moves between 20 and 200 times a night, I can safely recommend you don't wake your partner anywhere near that many times at your own risk. So let's say you ignore most of the urges to move during the night, but are stiff and need to turn twice and make a trip to the restroom. Even at this greatly reduced number, you will be waking your partner about every two hours during the night.  Now take into account that most of our spouses get up and go off  to a full time job and you can imagine how the constantly interrupted sleep leaves them feeling.

I started this "game" as a way to demonstrate what a PALs goes through at night, but quickly realized it is even more important to recognize what our partners endure. So a great big thank you to my bride  and all the other partners of PALs who sacrifice day and night.

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