Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review

Like  so many of  you, my year had it's share of  ups and downs. Some people may be surprised that while dealing with the physical ravages of ALS I am still able to enjoy life, but please remember that I'm still the same old Kevin, sports loving, lsu hating, sharply sarcastic, smart, Jesus loving and sometimes funny but always silly.  So here is my year:

  • Low- respiratory failure in January and two months in a rehab hospital. while there had a real scare and had to be rushed to the emergency room. i was on tube feeding for over a month and you know i like to eat.
  • high- in the days prior to my surgery i was sedated on profaphol and don't remember but the whole family came in. also i was ALLEGEDLY quite entertaining during this time  because the drugs erased my filter - I may have offered to rub Demi's butt, told my nurse it was my turn to give her a bath, got mad at my sister because she wouldn't hide under my bed and asked my doctor and possibly my pastor for a  hooker
  • low- Spent Mardi Gras, my birthday, Labor day and Thanksgiving in the hospital; spent August and half of November fighting pneumonia
  • high- more than 30 family and friends came to celebrate my birthday at the LTAC; home visits from so many friends- Pat & Kim, Donna Jo, Matt and his beers, James, my girlfriend Cyndi and so many more 
  • low- lost many friends this year, some i knew quite well and others were internet friends who lost their fights with the beast. RIP Sean, Scott, Donnie and Don, Ann, Big Al, Michelle, Tizzie and the other warriors
  • high - We welcomed new family members when Michelle married Sean in a beautiful ceremony cliff side in California in July. Then Kyle & Eden gave us our second grandson, Anthony Joseph born August 7th; and he was soon joined by Elizabeth Rose born August 30th to Nolan and Sarah.
  • low - i have lost almost all movement in my arms and legs so i go from bed to chair and back.
  • high - still get out to do the things i like - went to Hayley's wedding, Festival International, the movies, church and life group, and two Tulane games including homecoming on the field with the cheerleaders

In a category all alone as a continuing high point is the love and support i receive from so many especially Mary who is my primary caretaker, Brooke and Shana my home health nurses, pastor Jacob and pastor Rob and our entire OSC family and my beautiful bride Gina who celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary in December. I look forward to  2013 and pray that God will continue to use my life to encourage, inspire and motivate others so let's do this!

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  1. You always have been and continue to be an inspiration in my life. I look forward to seeing you soon and reading your posts in between my visits !! You always bring a tear or two but also a smile or a giggle!