Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Year

One year ago today the doctor confirmed what I had come to suspect and my prayer life had prepared me to accept. Living with ALS, today I choose to focus not on what I've lost, but on all that I've gained ~ a closer walk with my Jesus, many new friends, appreciation for the simple things, and the outpouring of love and support from family and friends.  Today I am not dying from ALS but I am living with ALS. 

Saints fans were shocked and saddened on Sunday to learn that former player Steve Gleason has been diagnosed with the disease.  He was made an honorary team captain and slowly made his way to midfield for the coin toss and the Who Dat cheer.  Gleason has stated his outlook as follows:

"It's easy to start questioning whether God has this plan and why the plan would include me getting diagnosed with this disease," Gleason said. "And that's when you can start why-ing yourself to death. More than that, I've thought, what does this mean, how does this help me fulfill my purpose in life? If we have a purpose in life beyond being a cog in the human machine, mine is to help inspire people and that's pretty cool. I would like to motivate the world."

Well said Mr. Gleason, well said indeed.  The thing is that I've now met hundreds of PALS either in person or online, and this is how almost all of them face their future with Lou Gehrig's disease. A nurse once told me she thought ALS was the good guys disease because every PALS she met had such a good attitude.  I don't know about that, but for me at least it's just who I am.  So for whatever time the Lord blesses me with here, I am going enjoy it to the fullest and if that motivates or inspires someone, then that's even better.

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  1. Kevin,

    I admire you great attitude! When Mom was sick with ALS, I depended on the Lord greatly. I did not want her to pass away, but I was enjoying the intimacy He was allowing me to have with him! It is what got me through!

    I even thought I was going to die from ALS for six months. I had muscle twitches like crazy. I was dx as Benign Fasciculation Syndrome.

    Continue to depend on Him:)